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Forecasted Solutions is a software company founded on the principal that implementing quality sales forecasting and replenishment planning should be a simpler, faster and more affordable undertaking, especially for smaller companies. Our Application was built from the ground up with business forecasting in mind. Design is based on decades of real-world experience with over a million products across multiple industries. The application is web-based, software as a service (SaaS) and requires no client installation.

We provide a workbook to be used as a template for providing your data. It is an Excel workbook that then exports to a csv file for FTPing. You can continue to use this workbook to send us your data or take the csv output as a template to automate the data transfer, whatever is best for your situation. The only requirements for forecasting are item master data, customer master data (if you wish to forecast by customer) and order history. You will include attributes within your customer and item data that become the basis for aggregating and disaggregating sales history and forecasts. Optionally, you can send inventory, planned replenishment, open orders and lead times to enable the production and/or purchase planning features.

Within about an hour of sending the completed workbook to our ftp server, your data will be processed and forecasted automatically. You then simply login to our website and begin using the application. Our technology and approach are not available anywhere else on the market.

Our proprietary modeling engine was written in house taking the best statistical methods with our own models and applying real world business logic to them which allows us to have a more accurate forecasting model that has not been seen before. With our Forecast Engine you can see how each forecast was trained and which model(s) were used along with their settings. You can even make changes and run “what if” scenarios knowing the business environment you are in. You can even tell the forecast engine to use this custom model going forward (even set and end date).