Forecasted Solutions uses a state of the art Forecasting engine with features no other system has to offer using a proprietary forecasting method that takes your Box Jenkins or triple exponential smoothing and improved it accuracy when it comes to business.
We didn’t stop there we use composite forecasting methods to achieve the lowest forecast error all automatically.
Not only do we automatically do this but we give you the ability to view the history and technical details and allow you to do “what if” scenarios and save those for the forecast engine to use up until a date specified by you.
So if there is something you know you can fine tune the Forecast Engine to reflect this information.

You can also have more than one computer forecast, you could generate one low level forecast at the SKU or SKU/Warehouse level and then generate another aggregate computer forecast at the Product Group level or any combination of attributes.
This allows you to have a higher level base line computer forecast for reference!

Our Forecast engine has 2047 possible combinations to generate the most accurate forecast possible for each forecast generated!
That means if you forecast at the SKU level each SKU our Forecast Engine will auto train each individual SKU and remember what produced the lowest error.
You can go in our Advanced Forecast Engine workbench and see what was used and the history of training over time.
You can also tune this based on information you have and tell the Forecast Engine to use these new settings through a date specified by you.